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  2014 Mendocino County


   Ahead of the trend of UNOAKED
   Chardonnay, we opened the door to a
   world of Chardonnay that tasted
   like the varietal.  We keep our
   Chardonnay clean and refreshing,
   allowing the fruit to shine through.


  2014 Rose of Pinot Noir
  Sonoma County


  Toad Hollow is proud to have created
  a French-style, bone-dry, elegant Rose
  produced from the noble Pinot Noir
  grape.  The style of this Rose makes
  it the perfect pair with a variety of


  2012 Russian River Valley
  Pinot Noir


  This Pinot Noir is estate grown at our
  ranch in the Russian River Valley.
  These vineyards make a lovely and
  elegant Pinot Noir. The cool climate
  and abundance of fog is the perfect
  growing condition for Pinot.


  2013 Russian River Valley
  Merlot McDowell Vineyard


  Merlot does best in sandy, clay-like soils.
  We had the soil and we had the perfect
  medium temperature range preferred
  by the Merlot grape to do its very best.
  This wine is a keeper and will age

  2012 Erik's the Red California
  Proprietary Red Wine


  This California Red wine is a blend of
  many grapes from across the state.
  Erik's the Red is not only big and
  chewy, but has a modicum of

  2012 Zinfandel
  Lodi, California


  This Zinfandel is sourced mainly from vineyards in Lodi, a region that has gained acclaim and delivers the rich fruit characteristics to this wine.  

  2013 Cabernet Sauvignon
  Lodi, California


 This Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from a sub-region of the acclaimed Lodi AVA.  The Clements Hills are perhaps the most suited area for Cabernet in the Lodi area. 98% Cabernet Sauvignon & 2% Merlot comprise this elegant and robust wine.

  NV Amplexus French
  Sparkling Wine


  This wine is robust, with tiny bubbles
  and a long elegant finish. It is virtually
  dry, with a very small dosage, but rich
  in texture providing a very sensual mouth
  feel. The blend of grapes is Chardonnay,
  Mauzac, and Chenin Blanc.

  NV Risque French
  Sparkling Wine


  This Risqué is a crisp and fruity sparkling
  wine with low alcohol (6%) and a delicate
  sweetness made from 100% Mauzac. The
  taste is crisp and fruity with nice acidity
  and a touch of natural sweetness.